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Decoden Phonegrips

$ 11.99

These phonegrips are all handmade and designed by me! There are no phonegrips that are alike! They are truly one of a kind!

Decoden phonegrips are all exclusive to my shop and I am so excited to finally bring them to the shop! I hope you love them all!

There are very limited quantities as these take quite a bit of time to create and design, as well as the drying process, so I can only work on small batches at a time. So if you see a phonegrip that you love, don't hesitate to purchase as it will be the only one available in that design!

Materials Used:

Decoden cream glue is made out of a silicone material that I mix and color myself, and I use various resin and acrylic charms to decorate the washi cards with.

Please be advised that these are handmade items, and there will and can be minor inconsistencies with the decoden material, as well as some of the phonegrip to peek through or not be fully covered with the decoden material.


Please do not pick/pull at the decoden as that will cause the material to deteriorate and fall off of the phonegrip. 

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